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Each one of our creations is made with love in Spokane, WA! 

We have a couple different lines of clothing, ranging from our up-cycled line that we find at either thrift stores or stores going out of business and give them our own love!

Also our newest line is our Sacred States! We started with our home state of course.. Washington state and filled in the state with the design called the flower of life! 

The mantra behind this design is to,

“Keep our State Sacred!” 

You can take it two ways to keep our physical state of where we reside or our state of being 🌀

 We have partnered with an inland northwest non profit called, “The Lands Council!” They help to preserve, and revitalize inland northwest forests, water, and wildlife!

Every item that has our Sacred WA design will have a portion donated to the Lands council to Plant trees right here in the Inland Northwest! 

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