Sacred Washington Hoodie (M)

Sacred Washington Hoodie (M)

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Hoodie sweatshirt with a small screen printed Sacred Washington design on the front!

The meaning behind this design we have created has two meanings.

One means to keep our state of being sacred, and the other is to keep our state of Washington sacred. For every item that has our Sacred Washington design on it we donate a portion of proceeds to a local non-profit called, “The Lands Council” to help plant trees here in the INW.

The design within the state of Washington is called the flower of life a form of sacred geometry. This symbol has been used in different cultures and religions since the beginning of time. Carrying many different meanings such as unity of everything, infinite cycle of life and many more meanings you can discover on your own journey. 

Keep our State sacred #SacredWA 

One of one style on a new hoodie!

Size: Medium

Color: Light Tan