About us

Our Story

October of 2017 was our first year when our journey began when Nik created the first collection of up-cycled crystal jewelry from local thrift stores. We both were amazed at the results of his creativity, adding crystals to once used pieces and giving them new life was an amazing start to the ground floor of building our business.

This process has evolved now into our own lines of crystal jewelry, artwork and clothing. 

Nik is the mastermind behind the curtains and Riley is the sales lady you will see at events and stopping by to check on our displays at many of our local stores that carry our products. Each of us have our passions that we together have combined to make our business with our love for nature and our beautiful elements. 

Each of our items we create with the intention to spread love and light into our community. All of our designs carry a deeper meaning wether it be the crystal properties or the patterns we use on our art and clothing, each have their own meaning. 

Our mission since the first day we started is to create products to Inspire, Elevate and Shift our collective consciousness of our community. 


We welcome you with open hearts and minds to our business and to our way of life.

With Love,

Nik & Riley