ESCNW Headbanger Music Logo Sticker

ESCNW Headbanger Music Logo Sticker

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With our love for music we have been inspired by many artists before us from genres of rock, metal, and dubstep and many others! 

Yes we are a company of love and light and wanting to spread awareness of our metaphysical tools and be on the path of spiritual awakening.. but as you know we all have our inner demons our own inner darknesses and the path can be dark at times, we all are fighting our own battles.

We must learn to embrace the path and all of its complexities and ups and downs through balance we must know the dark to know the light! 

This logo not just represents our passion of music and our shadow self but also our music side of our business! 

Represent our brand, ESCNW with a unique flair with a dash of metal vibes! 

This sticker is waterproof and can be placed on a water bottle, car or window! 

Holographic rainbow hue shines when the light hits it!

Size: 3.4" x 2.4" in.