New Moon Tourmaline Mix Necklace
New Moon Tourmaline Mix Necklace

New Moon Tourmaline Mix Necklace

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Moon Phase Collection-New Moon Style 

Stone: Tourmaline mix including pink, green, yellow, blue and black

Material: Stainless steel bezel and 17” chain

This style represents the new moon apart of the moon phase cycle. The new moon is a time to initiate new beginnings as we plant seeds for the future. 

Wear this style to remind us of the seeds we plant along our journey! 

Meaning of stone:

(Our mix varies in colors and may not look exactly as the one picture)*

Pink tourmaline- A stone of love, compassion, emotional healing, self love, commitment, caring. A symbol of everlasting friendship and humanitarian work. Associated with the heart chakra and healing our emotional center. 

Green tourmaline- Has a happy, courageous energy encouraging us to let go and try new things. Stimulating our happiness and joy for life, vibration to push us towards our true hearts desires. A stone of hope, helping us to overcome feelings of sadness and depression and to re-allow happiness back into your life. Since its another heart chakra stone it helps us to attract luck, success, and abundance. 

Blue tourmaline-Embodies the energy of water, stillness, quiet, strength and purification. Emanating energies of serenity, calmness  and allowing for enhancement of our intuition which can then be processed through the Heart and if necessary, voiced with integrity and confidence.

Yellow tourmaline- What makes yellow tourmaline special is that it owes its vibrant shade to elements like iron and titanium.This stone is said to encourage bravery, spurring you to take charge of your life. Instead of letting negative energies pull you down, this stone transforms them, lighting up your path with positivity.Helps us to appreciate the brighter days in our lives.

Black Tourmaline-Is a gemstone of profound protection, and elimination of negative energies. Through absorbing negativity, the stone can prevent unwanted energy from entering your home, mind, body, or spirit which gives this stone its protective quality. Many Shaman of African, Aboriginal, and Native American tribes carried Tourmaline to protect themselves from danger. Believed to repel and block dark energies and psychic attacks, Black Tourmaline is particularly beneficial for those who work or live in challenging environments, as it helps absorb electromagnetic radiation and pollutants.