Universal Key Amber Necklace

Universal Key Amber Necklace

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Universal Key Collection-

Stone: Amber

Material: Plated Key with a 30” stainless steel snake chain

This style represents the symbol of the key, opening and closing. Since keys can open doors which are closed to anyone other than the key beholder, someone might wear a key charm or necklace when looking for a new opportunity. Also a symbol found throughout history known to help to wearer gain access to the unknown, and abundance of possibilities! 

Meaning of stones: 

Amber- Not a true crystal since its creation was not grown but rather from fossilized ancient tree sap! The warm orange glow helps to bring out our creativity, self expression, and release of negative energies. Reminding us of the power of the sun it is believed to release bright, soothing energy, acting as a mental sunny day! 
Amber has a diverse and rich cultural history. Ancient cultures all over the world have applied symbolic meanings to the gem, making it one of the most revered elements across the globe.

Mentally, amber has the power to eliminate fearful thoughts. It ups your confidence so you're better able to tackle big projects or anxious thoughts. It also has the power to clear your mind of worry and help you focus on the task at hand.